Kronenburgh Language college prepares for: IELTS, Cambridge First, Business English, Dutch for high educated expats. It offers:

  • Student training to meet admission requirements to universities (IELTS 6 or Cambridge First B2).
  • Cambridge Business English language courses for business professionals and private learners;
  • Dutch fast track courses for higher educated expats;

Except for the Language College we present four more colleges:
– the Kronenburgh MEAO College (full time business school for adults)
– the Kronenburgh Business College (part time business school for adults)
– the International Business School (Nederlandstalig)
– the International Business School (English: Private education)



U kunt met de school in contact treden via de onderstaande buttons.


Do you want to meet the admission requirements of a university where English is the official language? Often the admission requirements are: IELT at level 6, or Cambridge English First B2. Then sign up for one of our courses. Read more about IELT! Read more about Cambridge English First !

Do you want to work on your career within an international organization? Then English is often the official language. Follow one of our Cambridge Business English courses to get the basics right or to reach the next level Business English. Read more !

Are you a higher educated expat who lives and works in the Netherlands? Then you also want to integrate into Dutch society, make new friends and of course also learn Dutch. Then follow one of our fast track courses.

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